Yasmine Sabry, Nelly Karim and Ghada Adel, “The Most Prominent”, compete for women for the income of the films of the summer 2023 season

Booming, a large number of stars are filming scenes of their works, which will be shown in Egyptian and Arab cinemas during the current summer season 2023, which will see a special competition between a number of stars, including the star Nelly Karim, star Yasmine Sabry and star Ghada Adel..

Movies of the summer season 2023

Where Yasmine Sabry presents the main female role opposite the artist Mohamed Imam in the film “Abunasb“Written by Ayman Wattar and directed by Ramy Imam, and it’s supposed to air sometime in August – and Yasmine through him plays the character of Life Coach. Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Fahim and Shereen Reda.

Star Ghada Adel is also working on filming her scenes in the movie “Primo Pastures“.. Before Mohammad Hindi ArtistAnd Ghada will appear in the film as the wife of Heneidy and works in the watermelon business with her husband. The film is written by Ihab Blebel and directed by Saeed Hamed.

Star Nelly Karim also appears in the films of the summer 2023 season through the film “A Al Zero”, which she shares with artist Mohamed Ramadan, and appears as a doctor, and a love story the unites with Hamza Dragon, who embodies his Ramadan persona, and the work is written by Medhat Al-Adl, directed by Mando Al-Adl and produced by Jamal Al-Adl. And Jumana Murad, Islam Ibrahim, Munther Mahran participate in it.

While star Amina Khalil is in two films this season, the first is ‘Wish in Wush’ with artist Mohamed Mamdouh..and the film’s story revolves around a comedic family setting.

The second film is ‘Shamarikh’ with artist Aser Yassin..and the events of the film revolve in a framework of movement and suspense, around the idea of ​​the pressures a person is exposed to in life, through a man businessman who falls in love with a girl, and his life reaches a stage of explosive pressures, and comes Shamarekh, written and directed by Amr Salama.

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