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Hundreds of opposition supporters demonstrated TunisianIn Thawra Street on Tuesday during a protest to mark the second anniversary of the President’s decisions Kais Saied On July 25, 2021, they demanded the release of more than 20 dissidents and personalities detained since last February.

The demonstrators shouted slogans calling for the overthrow of the “coup”, the return of legitimacy and democracy and the release of all political prisoners.

The demonstrators, who braved the unprecedented heat wave in Tunisia, also expressed their anger, chanting “Liberties, O justice of the instructions”, brandishing images inmates in jails.

Participated in the demonstration, the leaders of “front of salvationEnnahda, the Dignity Coalition, independent political and human rights figures, and families of prisoners in the so-called “conspiracy against state security” file.

National Salvation Front leader Ahmed Najib al-Shabi said: “We are here today in this heat, and in the second year of the coup, to confirm that we will not back down and that we will overthrow it soon, and we never doubt victory.”

Al-Shabi pointed out in his interview with “Arabi 21” that “this coup regime has failed at all levels and has not achieved a single achievement, and everything points to the imminent collapse of the country”, as he described it.

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Chebbi continued, “In light of the imminent danger of collapse, everyone, without exception, must be ready to save the country. Regarding the opposition’s failure to unite, Chebbi replied, “We don’t sell illusions, and from the first day of the coup, the Front has reached out to all forces to unite.

He stressed that his front is not responsible for the failure to form a force that includes all factions to face the coup, denouncing the position of the union.

It should be noted that tension is mounting between the ruling authority and the union, which was previously one of the most prominent defenders of President Qais Saeed’s path.

For her part, Samira al-Shawashy, the first deputy speaker of the dissolved parliament, said: “The coup destroyed all state institutions in two years, especially in light of the dispersion of the opposition during this period.

Chawashi said in a statement to ‘Arabi 21’: “We are here on the ground, and we are still resisting the coup for two years, but in fact, it was prepared 10 years ago.”

She stressed that the opposition, despite its differences, is united in saying that what happened in Tunisia is a “coup”.

Chaouachi opined that “the existing regime is in complete isolation inside and out and has destroyed all the achievements of the revolution”, noting that “the coup will fall soon, and we see the free people under the tent of a national dialogue for salvation”.

Most opposition forces in Tunisia claim the need for a national dialogue bringing everyone together to save the country, the formation of a national unity government and the holding of early presidential and legislative elections.

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In turn, Samir Dilo, the defense lawyer for the detainees in the “conspiracy” file, said: “The harvest of two years of coup is catastrophic at all levels, legal, judicial, political and human rights”.

In a statement to ‘Arabi 21’, Dilo said: “The black result has made Tunisia a country threatened with collapse.”

Tunisia has been experiencing a major political crisis since the decisions of July 25, 2021, which have strongly affected it economically and socially, against the backdrop of warnings from specialists of an imminent collapse of the country to declare bankruptcy.

On the other hand, the authorities claim that the country is in a phase of correction and will not back down, and will hold accountable all those who have committed crimes against the country, and that the arrests of a large number of known faces are part of the accountability of those who conspire against the state and work to abuse the people.


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