The organization and the administration complete the study of 2,530 requests and complaints

announce Central organization and administration agency Under the chairmanship of Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the agency, the subjects which were completed during the month of March 2023.

Capacity Assessment Center and Competitions

The Competitive and Ability Assessment Center has completed the assessment of candidates in 4 government agencies for various purposes, and the government job portal has posted vacancies and required vacancies in 21 units of the administrative apparatus of State.

the last Central organization and administration agency The study of 2,530 inquiries and complaints received by the mechanisms designated for this purpose.

Administrative units

The agency has finished reporting the legal opinion to 18 units of the country’s administrative apparatus.

Training plan

During the month of February, the Central Agency for Organization and Administration implemented a number of training programs for a number of employees in 7 units of the country’s administrative apparatus, in the framework of the agency’s training plan for the 2022/2023 financial year.

The Central Agency for Organization and Administration, headed by Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, makes it possible to find out the results of the examinations of candidates to fill 1,000 jobs as a mosque worker in the Ministry of Awqaf, at: The Agency’s Government Jobs Portal website.

The agency opened the door to grieve the result yesterday, Wednesday April 19, for two weeks, also on the government jobs portal site.

It should be noted that the Central Organization and Administration Agency announced the competition for mosque workers 15 days before the opening of the door to apply for the competition so that those who wish to apply can prepare the required documents March 2022, with a total of 384 hours of submission.

While the usual submission by hand in similar competitions previously spanned two weeks, with 10 working days and 60 hours of submission, and the number of applicants reached 196,694 applicants.Preparation, for this is one of the conditions of the competition.

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