The governor of Assiut inspects the construction site of a civilized market in Kom al-Ahmar

Major General Essam Saad inspected the Governor Asyut The site for the establishment of an urban vegetable and fruit market in the village of Kom al-Ahmar in the Badari Center on an area of ​​20,000 square meters under the projects of the Local Development Program in Upper Egypt, which is partly financed by the World Bank, in application of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, which aims to promote comprehensive and integrated development in Upper Egypt, create local and sustainable employment opportunities, support competitiveness, develop the economy local government, improve the quality of local services and develop local government areas and systems with the support and continuous monitoring of Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development.

This happened in the presence of Representative Dr. Nasser Othman, Member of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Hassan Al-Deeb, Head of Badari Center and City, Eng.

The governor and his entourage inspected the site proposed for the establishment of the urban market, which will include sections of vegetables and fruits that characterize the villages of the center of Badari and neighboring centers, in particular the cultivation of pomegranates, citrus fruits and vegetables.

Create an urban market

The governor and his entourage met with some of the inhabitants of the villages in the center of Badari, the vegetable and fruit merchants of the center and the farmers of the center, to discuss the plans for the establishment of the urban market and to listen to the proposals of the inhabitants and the traders to provide services and facilities to the market according to the latest technical specifications and requirements.

Creation of the Pomegranate Industries Complex

During the meeting, the Governor examined the project to build the Granada industry complex in the industrial zone of Kom al-Ahmar, which will be built on an area of ​​40 acres to serve the whole region and the Badari, Sahel Selim, Abu Tig, Sedfa and Al-Fatah centers, in particular which are famous for the culture of the grenade. Itions for the design of the urban market project and all the facilities and services that will be available in the project.

The governor stressed the importance of the project to establish an urban vegetable and fruit market in an area of ​​20,000 square meters in the village of Kom al-Ahmar and to link it to serve the cultivation of pomegranates, citrus fruits, vegetables and fruits that characterize the villages and centers of the governorate and are exported to most countries in the world and local and foreign markets. .

The Governor of Assiut indicated that the final projects that will be implemented in the villages, centers and neighborhoods under the Local Development Program projects in Upper Egypt have been chosen based on the needs of the citizens, which include “the establishment and development of parking lots, urban markets and commercial complexes” on the condition that they are implemented in coordination with all the executive agencies, which includes in its current phase 7 projects with an estimated cost of 555 million pounds.

There is also the development and upgrading of the Nazlet Abd Allah parking area in the eastern district of Assiut, the replacement and renewal of the parking lot of the city of Al-Ghanayem (Al-Ghanayem / Assiut) over an area of ​​1000 meters, the establishment of an urban market for street vendors in the city of Abnoub over an area of ​​550 meters, the development and development of alleys and narrow streets in the Sheikha Nafisa area and Nadi West El-Balad Street in the West district, and the establishment of a cattle market in the village of Al-Zarabi in the center of Abu Tig, as well as the development of economic poles “pomegranates and aromatic medicinal plants”, in addition to the completion of a feasibility study for the establishment of an agricultural industries complex in Badari, which is attached to the investment plan amounting to 100 million pounds, in addition to strengthening the technological poles in the centers and neighborhoods with modern equipment and devices.

The Governor stressed providing all aspects of support for the implementation of these projects and accelerating the pace of work, emphasizing that the Egyptian State is working at a rapid pace towards the development of Upper Egypt, as it places this file at the top of its priorities to raise the level of development and improve services provided to citizens through the implementation of a set of development projects with the aim of localizing the objectives of sustainable development through institutional development and work systems and the development of local capacities to be able to manage development and attract investment, stressing the need to pay attention to projects that support the local economy through program activities, which is an essential component of the development process due to its importance in providing employment opportunities and its impact on the sustainability of growth.

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