Signature of medical examination and examination of 83,000 citizens in 30 days in Sohag

Sohag Governorate announced that the Health Affairs Directorate has signed a medical examination and examined 83 thousand 983 citizens, men and women, in different towns and villages in the governorate, as part of the activities of the national “100 days of health” campaign, launched on June 25, and aims to intensify the campaigns of the President of the Republic’s initiative “100 million health”, including “early detection of kidney disease, support for the health of Egyptian women, maternal health care and fetal, detection and treatment of hearing”. disability for newborns, elimination of virus C for school children, examination of those who come to marriage, treatment of malnutrition diseases in school children, in addition to health care for the elderly.

Dr. Sami Al-Najjar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sohag, explained that the medical teams of the campaign were deployed in streets, squares, government institutions and health units, highlighting the examination of 31,874 citizens under the initiative “kidney disease and early detection of chronic diseases”, and the examination of 34,975 women under the “health of the mother and fetus” initiatives and the initiative “women’s health”.

The undersecretary added that 8,616 children were screened under the initiative to detect and treat hearing loss in newborns, and 7,566 citizens were screened under the initiative to “screen those who are about to get married”, in addition to screening 952 elderly people.

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