Shield of Excellence for the Director of Dakhla Education during a big party in the New Valley

M/ Sayed Abdel Aziz Attia, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Education in the New Valley, and Engineer Magdy El Tamawy, Head of the Center and City of Dakhla, today attended the tribute ceremony of Ahmed Mahmoud Hassanein, Director General of the Education Administration of Dakhla, for having reached the legal retirement age, in the presence of Representative Hamdi Hassan, Member of the House of Representatives, d. Muhammad Khalil Nasrallah, board member and teachers, and a number of executives, directors of education departments, officers and leaders of various government sectors, school principals and a group of teachers and students.

The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, some introductory and welcoming speeches from the guests, and documentary clips presenting aspects of the person’s biography and professional life using “Data Show” video technology.

In his speech at the ceremony, he congratulated the undersecretary of education of the governorate, the famous, on reaching retirement age, praising his efforts and what he has presented throughout his career to serve the educational process, his sincerity and his dedication in order to advance the work and improve it, referring to the fruits and results of the good work and good follow-up of conscious leadership in the light of educational centers and activities at the level of the Republic, wishing him continued success in his next life.

At the end of the ceremony, Attia presented the Director of Dakhla Education and the celebrant with the Shield of Excellence in recognition of him, his honorable career and his tangible cooperation at all times, stressing that education is a sublime and solemn message for those who take upon themselves the education of generations in good values ​​and morals, as is the case for all workers in the various sectors of education in the territory of the province.

In turn, Ahmed Mahmoud Hassanein, Director of Dakhla Education Department, thanked and appreciated all the participants who came to participate in the ceremony honoring him for having reached functional retirement age at the Expeditionary Science Center, emphasizing that his joy and happiness cannot be described at all as he touched the feelings of sincere love, togetherness and harmony emanating from hearts full of beautiful spirit and benevolent soul, emphasizing the need for everyone to exercise the precious things and precious in the name of superiority and the generation of the generation. the status of the country and that he will proudly remember all his time in the field of education since he was a teacher until he reached the legal retirement age, amidst a standing ovation and fond memories.

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