On points and in order.. In the Joule, he reveals the position of the Egyptian teams regarding the Champions League and the Confederation

Egyptian teams participating in Continental next season will not play in the preliminary rounds, either in the African Champions League or in the Confederation.

The African Football Confederation will announce the team ranking for the new season, for which it is determined, from which role each team will start during the African Champions League and the African Confederation Championships.

FilGoal.com Obtaining a copy of the CAF team ranking for the new 2023/2024 season.

– According to the new rankings, Al-Ahly will be No. 1 in Africa, with 83 points, and are superior to Wydad, who occupy second place, with 74 points.

– Pyramids, the second Egyptian representative in the African Champions League, ranked tenth in the “K” ranking, and seventh in the ranking of teams participating in the tournament, and thus caught up with the exempted from participating in the preliminary round of the African Champions League.

Zamalek, Egypt’s first representative in the African Confederation, ranked sixth in the “K” ranking, and ranked first among the participating Confederation teams, so he will naturally also be exempt from the preliminary role in the tournament.

Finally, Future placed 58th in the “K” ranking, and eighth among the tournament participants, and will therefore also be exempt from participating in the preliminary round.

** From this season, teams deposited in the CAF Champions League will not advance from the Round of 16 to the CAF Confederation.

The preliminary round exemption system in both tournaments

African Champions League

54 teams will participate in the CAF Champions League this season, and to reach the number of 32 teams starting the main round of the tournament, CAF will exempt 10 teams from participating in the preliminary round.

Therefore, those with the top 10 rankings participating in the tournament will not be in the preliminary round. Al-Ahly (first) and Pyramids (seventh).

44 teams will remain face to face, and 22 teams will qualify, to be added to the ten teams, and we will start the tournament from the round of 16.

African Confederation

52 teams will participate in the CAF Confederation Championship this season. In order to reach the number of 32 teams that will start the main round of the tournament, CAF will exempt 12 teams from participating in the preliminary round.

There are only 11 teams among the tournament participants, which have accumulated points in the “K” ranking, and therefore they will all be excluded from participating in the preliminary round of the tournament. Zamalek (first) and Future (eighth).

Certainly, “CAF” will choose one of the other teams to complete the number of 12 teams not participating in the preliminary round, revealed a CAF source toFilGoal.com His choice will be based on geographical distribution, but they haven’t decided on him yet.

There will be 40 teams left to compete, and 20 teams will qualify, to be added to the 12 teams, and we will start the tournament from the round of 16.

Here is the ranking of the participating teams in the championship African Champions League This season, you accumulate points.

1- Al-Ahly (Egypt) 83 points

2- Wydad (Morocco) 74 points

3- Esperance (Tunisia) 56 points

4- Mamelodi Sundowns (South Africa) 51 points

5- Shabab Belouizdad (Algeria) 36 points

6- Simba (Tanzania) 35 points

7- Pyramids (Egypt), seventh, 35 points

8- Petro Atlético (Angola) 33.5 points

9- Mazembe (Democratic Congo) 30.5 points

10- Horoya Conakry (Guinea) 29 points

_ _ _

11- Al-Hilal (Sudan) 27 points

12- Orlando Pirates (South Africa) 24 points

13- Young Africans (Tanzania) 20 points

14-ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast) 20 points

15- Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia) 20 points

16- Cotton (Cameroon) 16 points

17- Vita Club (Congo) 14 points

18- Al-Merreikh (Sudan) 12 points

19- Al-Ahly Tripoli (Libya) 12 points

20- The Royal Army (Morocco) 10 points

21- Enyimba (Nigeria) 10 points

22- Vipers (Uganda) 5 points

23- Real Bamako (Mali) 5 points

24- Askou de Cara (Togo) 5 points

25- Otoho (Congo) 4.5 points

26- Juaning Galaxy (Botswana) 4 points

27- Primero de Agosto (Angola) 4 points

28-Young Constantine (Algeria) 3 points

29-Gianderma (Niger) 2 points

30- Al-Ahly Benghazi (Libya) 1.5 points

31- Nouadhibou (Mauritania) 1 point

Here is the ranking of the teams participating in the African Confederations Championship this season, which accumulate the points.

1- Zamalek (Egypt) 39 points

2- Nahdet Berkane (Morocco) 37 points

3- USMA (Algeria) 27 points

4- Rivers United (Nigeria) 10 points

5- Black Devil (Congo) 5 points

6- San Lupopo (DR Congo) 5 points

7- Sagrada Speranza (Angola), 4 points

8- Future (Egypt) 2.5 points

9-Salitas (Burkina Faso), 2 points

10- Djoliba (Mali) 2 points

11- The African (Tunisia) 2 points

_ _ _ _

Kenyan teams of Gor Mahia and Congolese Democratic teams of Motema Tempe were kicked out of the tournament as they failed to get a license to participate in the African Championships, and the Congolese Democratic Federation sent the same names of the teams participating in Continental last season to participate this season due to the late start of the current season there due to some political unrest in the country.

Here is the full list of teams participating in the CAF Champions League by country, representing 42 African countries out of the 54 member states of the Confederation of African Football.

1- Morocco: Royal Army – Wydad

2- Egypt: Al-Ahly – Pyramids

3- Algeria: Youth of Belouizdad – Youth of Constantine

4- South Africa: Mamelodi Sundowns – Orlando Pirates

5- Tunisia: ES Sahel – Esperance Sports

6- Democratic Republic of Congo: Mazembe – Vita Club

7- Angola: Petro de Luanda – Primero de Agosto

8- Sudan: Al-Hilal – March

9- Libya: Al-Ahly Tripoli – Al-Ahly Benghazi

10-Guinea: Havia – Horoya

11-Tanzania: Young Africans – Simba

12: Nigeria: Enyimba – Remo Stars

13- Zambia: Power Dynamos

14- Cameroon: Cotton Sport

15- Senegal: Generation Foot

16-Ivory Coast: ASEC Mimosas

17- Republic of the Congo: Otoho

18- Botswana: Juaning Galaxy

19-E Swatini: Green Mamba

20- Mali: Real Bamako

21. Burkina Faso: Duane

22- Niger: Gianiderma

23- Ghana: Miedema

24-Rwanda: Rwandan National Army

25 – Uganda: Vipers

26- Mauritania: Nouadhibou

27- Boys: Cotton Sport

28-Mozambique: Songo

29-Togo: Asco de Cara

30-Ethiopia: Saint George

31- Gabon: Bindij

32-Burundi: Bumamoro

33: Djibouti: Djibouti Telecom

34: Equatorial Guinea: Dragon

35-Liberia: LISCR

36- Malawi: Nyasa big balls

37- Somalia: Jadetka

38-South Sudan: Salam FC Bor

39- Comoros: Mountain

40- Namibia: African stars

41-Sierra Leone: Bo Rangers

42 – Zanzibar: KMKM

Chad, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Sao Tome and Principe, Zimbabwe and Madagascar are not represented in the tournament this season.

_ _ _

Here is the complete list of teams participating in the African Confederation by country:

1- Morocco: Al-Fath Al-Rabati – Nahdet Berkane

2- Egypt: Zamalek – Future

3-Algeria: Union of the Capital – Olympic Chlef

4-Tunisia: African – Olympic Beji

5- South Africa: Super Sport United – Sekocon United

6- Democratic Republic of the Congo: San Lupopo – Motema Pembe has been ruled out

7- Angola: Sagrada Speranca – Academica de Lobito

8-Sudan: Al-Arab district – Hidoub

9- Libya: Al-Hilal Benghazi – Abu Salim

10-Guinea: Bello – Souar Academic

11- Tanzania – Azam United – Singida United

12- Nigeria: Rivers United – Pendel Insurance

13- Zambia: Maestro United

14- Senegal: Casa Sports

15- Ivory Coast: Academic Amadou Diallo

16- Congo: Black Devil

17- Yochuana: Gaborone United

18-Kenya: Kakamega Homeboys

19- E Swatini: Young buffaloes

20- Mali: Mali Stadium

21-Burkina Faso: Salitas

22- Niger: Duane

23-Ghana: Dreams FC

24- Rwanda: Rayon Sports

25- Uganda: City of Kampala

26- Mauritania: Customs

27- Boys: Lotto

28-Mozambique: Ferroviaro

29- Togo: Conductor Kara

30- Burundi: Ajel Nawar

31- Comoros: Bill Light

32- Djibouti: Solar Arta

33- Equatorial Guinea: Kano Sport

34- Ethiopia: Bahir Dar Kenema

35- Liberia: Watanga

36-Madagascar: Elgeco Plus

37- Seychelles: I’m fine

38-Sierra Leone: Calon

39- Somalia: On horseback

40- South Sudan: March, Juba

41 – Zanzibar: Geshe La Kojinja

Chad, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Reunion, Sao Tome and Principe and Zimbabwe are not represented in the tournament this season.

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