Minister of Trade and Industry and Belarusian Deputy Minister of Industry discuss the possibilities of co-manufacturing a number of products on the Egyptian market | Business and Stock Exchange | The Brief

Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, met with Dmitriy Khartonchik, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Industry, and his accompanying delegation, as part of the activities of the third meeting of the joint working group for industrial cooperation between Egypt and Belarus.

The Minister said that it was agreed with the Minister of Commerce of the Eurasian Economic Union to hold the next round of negotiations in the coming months with a view to the conclusion of the agreement soon, stressing the importance of intensifying mutual visits between Egypt and Belarus at the governmental and private levels to familiarize themselves with industrial capabilities, especially in light of the state’s interest at the current stage to deepen the manufacture of a large number of products that are used as inputs for important industries, because there are great opportunities to establish joint projects to manufacture these products in Egypt.

Samir highlighted the possibility of joint cooperation between the two parties regarding the exploitation of natural and mineral resources and the valorization of these extracts, highlighting the opportunities and components of the automotive industry and its components in Egypt and the incentives provided by the state to encourage the localization of this industry.

The minister highlighted the importance of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement AFCFTA Invite the Belarusian side to establish more joint investment projects in Egypt to export to this huge market, as well as to the markets of the European Union and Arab countries.

Samir raised the possibility of studying the conclusion of equivalent agreements meeting some of the needs on both sides to reduce the dependence on hard currencies.

On July 17-18, Cairo hosted the activities of the third meeting of the joint working group for cooperation in the field of industry between Egypt and the State of Belarus, within the framework of the two countries’ desire to strengthen joint cooperation in the field of industry and government banking, with the participation of several companies operating in the field of heavy industries in Egypt.

The meetings of the joint working group, organized by the Trade Representative Authority of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, discussed ways to improve joint manufacturing of Belarusian heavy equipment, which includes trucks, loaders, tractors and agricultural equipment in Egypt, and to benefit from the manufacturing capacities available in the factories of the Ministry of Military Production and the Arab Organization for Industrialization with the aim of meeting local market needs and exporting to markets in Arab and African countries. The two parties have agreed on several implementation steps to achieve these goals over the coming period.

The working group concluded its meetings by signing meeting minutes that included all areas of cooperation agreed to by both parties.

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