Meteorology announces the date of the peak and the end of the heat wave (video)

weatherDr. Mahmoud Al-Qayati, a member of the media center of the Meteorological Authority, revealed that peak of heatwave Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, high heat and humidity.

And he said, in a phone call to the “dmc evening” show, presented by the journalist, Ramy Radwan, broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel: that with the end of this week, a slight drop in blood levels begins. temperature From Friday on the northern coasts, at a rate of two degrees, and from Sunday, the impact of this drop begins in all regions of the Republic.

And he added, “Next Sunday, the return to normal summer weather begins, and the maximum temperature in Greater Cairo will be 36 degrees, and by the middle of next week, this drop will reach all governorates.”


Meteorological Authority Media Center member Dr Manar Ghanem expects temperatures to continue to rise tomorrow, Wednesday, with high levels of humidity in the air, due to the country’s exposure to India’s Seasonal Low, which is helping to raise humidity levels in the air and upper layers of the atmosphere.

And she said, in a telephone conversation with the media, Azza Mostafa, presenter of the program “Tahrir Hall”, broadcast on the satellite channel “Sada Al-Balad”: “The rise in temperature continues during the coming period, which is considered to be higher than its normal rate, and that the temperature tomorrow in Greater Cairo registers 39 degrees in the shade, and the tangible can reach 42 degrees, and in the governorates of Upper Egypt, the temperatures can reach 45 degrees in the sun.

On the date of the end of the heat wave, a member of the Meteorological Authority’s media center explained: “The heat wave will continue for the next 72 hours, with the noticeable rise in temperature continuing, and on Thursday, the maximum temperature in Greater Cairo will be 39 degrees.

Heat wave continues in most regions

And the Meteorological Authority had announced the continuation of the intense heat wave in most regions, and a slight drop in temperatures is expected in the north of the country as far as Greater Cairo, from the end of this week.

And meteorologists said that by early next week a slight drop in temperatures should cover all parts.

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