Lens prices today, Monday, 07-24-2023, in the market

settled down Lens pricesToday, Monday 24-7-2023 in the markets, according to the latest prices offered in the Egyptian markets, amid strong demand, MN citizens in recent times.

Lens prices today

The “Veto” award is published Lenses Today, according to the latest pulse price updatesYesIt’s today at noonfor high demand, Because it is one of the basic products and the main food of the various Egyptian meals.

Lens prices today, veto

The price of lentils on the Egyptian market

The prices have arrived Lenses Yolk is between 46 and 49 pounds per kilo.

Pulse prices today

and elevation Pulse prices In local markets, some items are relatively high given the high demand for them, as they are considered staples and the main food of various Egyptian meals.

price record municipal beans And the imported one is between 31 and 37 pounds.

The price of a kilo of chickpeas was 50 pounds.

The price of local cowpea recorded 49 pounds.

falling bill Egyptian lentil imports

In another context, the results of the Foreign Trade Bulletin published by Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics For the month of April 2023, the bill drops Egyptian lentil imports During the first 4 months of the current year, during the period “January-February-March-April”.

Import bill in the first 4 months of 2023

Egypt’s import bill was Lenses 51 One million and 372 thousand dollars, in the first 4 months of this year, compared to 56 million and 665 thousand dollars for the same period last year, with an estimated drop of 5 million and 293 thousand dollars.

Egyptian lentil imports in April 2023

The results of the bulletin, of which “Veto” obtained a copy, indicated that an import bill Lenses During the month of April, it came with a value of 14 million and 354 thousand dollars, compared to 21 million and 575 thousand dollars for the same month last year, with a decrease of 7 million and 221 thousand dollars.

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