KAF source at Joule: We have set the deadline for determining participants for the African Championships..and we have received requests for postponement

A Confederation of African Football (CAF) source has revealed that the Confederation’s competitions commission has submitted a letter to the local federations to set a date for the dispatch of clubs participating in the African championships.

The Competitions Committee has set June 30 as the deadline for federations to send in the names of clubs that will participate in the African Championships.

The source told FilGoal.com: “The Competitions Committee informed the local federations today, Tuesday, of setting next June 30 as the deadline for sending in the names of the clubs participating in the African Championships. “

And he continued: “We have received calls from some local federations asking to allow a delay in sending the names of clubs participating in the African championships for mid or late July, led by the Libyan Federation, because the league there is still at the coronation stage, and the Egyptian Federation has not yet clarified its position, and all applications for authorization submitted will be presented. to the Competitions Committee to discuss their position.

The Egyptian League should be completed at the end of next July, according to the assurances of Ahmed Diab, president of the Association of clubs, and Amer Hussein, member of the board of directors of the Football Association and president of the committee of Egyptian League competitions. League.

Egyptian League regulations state that qualifiers for the continental championships will be determined according to the first-round schedule in case the African Union requests the names of participating clubs before the league ends.

Al-Ahly hold the African Champions League title after beating Moroccan Wydad in the last game, while USM Al-Masah hold the African Confederation Cup title.

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