Head of the Tobacco Division: After 45 days, there will be no more cigarettes on the market (video)

Cigarette price crisisIbrahim Ibaby, head of the tobacco division at the Federation of Industries, called on regulators to intervene to reduce the number of tobacco smokers High cigarette prices On the markets, explain that what is happening on the cigarette market is a real crisis.

He said during his meeting with journalist Ahmed Moussa, presenter of the program “On my responsibility”, on the channel “Sada Al-Balad”, that there is A rise in the price of cigarettes Hourly, explaining, “The raw material found at the Eastern Tobacco Company is enough for 45 days at most, and when that material ends, there won’t be a single cigarette in the market.”


The Central Bank demanded the availability of credits necessary for the importation of raw tobacco, which is estimated in the whole sector at 600 million dollars, emphasizing: “Each kilo of tobacco enters the Public Treasury at 40 pounds, and that cigarette tax And honey is involved in many other sectors.

He explained that during the current crisis in the cigarette market, other alternatives to cigarettes have appeared, such as “vaping and heated tobacco. He explained that if parliament and the government intervened, cigarette prices would fall, so the price of a pack of Cleopatra would be £28, instead of the current price of £50 per pack.

He pointed out that there are 51 factories working in the cigarette industry, including “United” and “Eastern Tobacco”, explaining that Egyptians consume 85 billion cigarettes a year, in addition to millions of tons of molasses.


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