Hani Saeed to Al-Joule: We understand the association’s punishment against Al-Shahat, but we will file a complaint with the grievance committee

Hani Saeed, the sporting director of Pyramids Club, expressed his understanding of the club’s Association decision to punish Hussein Al-Shahat by suspending him, but revealed he had lodged a complaint with the Grievances Committee.

And the Egyptian Clubs Association announced that Al-Ahly player Hussein Al-Shahat had been suspended for two matches and fined 20,000 pounds for misconduct during the Pyramids game.

Hani Saeed said in statements to FilGoal.comWe understand the sanction and that this is in line with club association regulations.

“However, we will appeal the sanction by filing a complaint with the grievance committee, as the act deserves a heavier sanction,” he added.

As for the news of Muhammad Al-Shaibi’s departure to Morocco, Hani Saeed explained: “The player went to Makkah Al-Mukarramah to perform Umrah, with the prior agreement of the club.”

Hussein Al-Shahat had an altercation with Mohamed Al-Shaibi, the Pyramids player, before the Al-Ahly player attacked him.

Hussein Al-Shahat made a point of going to Muhammad Al-Shaibi after the match to apologize and shake his hand, in the presence of Hani Saeed, the sports director of the Pyramids Club.

Al-Ahly had announced the signing of a fine to Hussein Al-Shahat, the player of the team.

Pyramids Club filed a complaint against Hussein Al-Shahat, demanding the maximum possible sentence.

Pyramids beat Al-Ahly by 3 unanswered in the postponed Egyptian League 24th round game.

This defeat is the first for Al-Ahly in general in various local tournaments this season, accompanied by its Swiss coach, Marcel Kohler.

Pyramids took their tally to 73 points in second place, and Al-Ahly remain the top league champions with 82 points.

The Pyramids hat-trick was scored accidentally by Al-Ahly defender Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Fakhry Lakai and Mustafa Fathi.

Al-Ahly lost the opportunity to finish the league unbeaten, after suffering defeat at the hands of Pyramids.

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