Hani Saeed: Al-Shahat is concerned about fanatics and “the coup”.

Hani Saeed, the sports director of the Pyramids club, spoke about the crisis of Mohamed El-Shaibi, the back of the team, and his altercation with Hussein El-Shahat, the player of Al-Ahly.

Saeed said in his statements to the club’s media centre: “Returning to the events of the match, Hussein Al-Shahat participated as a substitute in the 71st minute of the game and played on Al-Ahly’s right forward, while Muhammad Al-Shaibi played on the other side of the pitch, and there was no friction or contact between them even of any kind.”

And he added: “Muhammad Al-Shaibi left the stadium injured in the 73rd minute, i.e. less than two minutes after Hussein Al-Shahat entered the stadium, which confirms that during those minutes no contact took place between them, which makes the Al-Ahly player claim to have been insulted by Al-Shaibi, and I challenge you to show a blow in the match that brings the players together during this one.”

He explained: “The video clips are clear and prove that Al-Shahat went to greet Al-Ahly fans before going to the bench at the Pyramids and going to see Al-Shaibi who was listening to him, then he was surprised by him, pulling him, slapping him and insulting him until he was stunned by the horror of what happened, because he told him that if he had played while he was on the pitch, he would have injured him, which seems to have been an intention since the Super game.”

And he continued: “I dispute that there is a single photo of Muhammad Al-Shaibi insulting Al-Shahat or harassing his family, as he says in his statement. On the contrary, it is the opposite that everyone saw and was watched by the lenses of the photographers and the cameras of the mass media and telephones.”

And he concluded: “Al-Shahat is only occupied by the clip and the fanatical fans of social networks, and the proof of this is that he did not apologize in his statement to the Pyramids player or his family who watched this shameful snapshot, without respecting the rights and principles due to it according to Egyptian education and its ethics, Arab origins and traditions, and Islamic law and its teachings.”

Al-Ahly lost to Pyramids by three unanswered in the postponed Egyptian League 24th round match.

After the match, an altercation broke out between Al-Ahly player Hussein Al-Shahat and Pyramids player Mohamed Al-Shaibi.

After that, Hussein Al-Shahat made a point of reconciling with Muhammad Al-Shaibi and apologizing to him on the pitch.

However, Pyramids decided to escalate the matter and lodge a formal complaint against Hussein Al-Shahat before the Football Association Disciplinary Committee.

Al-Ahly also decided to impose a heavy fine on Hussein Al-Shahat for what he had done towards Al-Shaibi.

And the Club Association announced that Hussein Al-Shahat had been suspended for two matches for what he did after the game, and fined him 20,000 pounds.

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