Governor of Gharbia meets with 22 families and responds to their requests for job opportunities and assistance

Today, Dr. Tariq Rahmi, Governor of Gharbia, received 22 families from the Governorate of Gharbia in the meeting room of the General Office of the Governorate.

The latter came in response, after having met them during his rounds of follow-up of the activities of the presidential initiative, a decent life in the villages of the centers “Kafr al-Zayat, Qatour and Basyoun”, where he gave them employment contracts and social assistance, in addition to ensuring that medical services are provided to their patients.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Osama Bulbul, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Ahmed Hamdi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and Ahmed Al Qalli, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Manpower. ‘work.

The Governor of Gharbia confirmed that today’s meeting comes in application of the directives of the political leadership to meet all the needs of the citizens and meet their living requirements, as the employment contracts have been given to 9 cases , including one for people of determination, for whom a monthly salary was allocated and the governor also granted financial assistance to 9 other cases.

In a related context, the governor followed up on medical cases that were transferred to the Health Directorate to receive proper treatment and medical service, including a case of brain cell atrophy for a girl from Ketama village, Center Basyun. an artificial eye for a child.

Citizens have also submitted a number of other requests related to their families, and many requests have been answered, while some requests requiring consideration have been referred to the relevant authorities for urgent consideration and are working to resolve them. as soon as possible.

The governor of the West discusses traffic direction proposals for the new axes

Dr. Tariq Rahmi, Governor of Gharbia, discussed the traffic directions of the new axes, which have been established by the governorate as part of its plan to develop and increase the efficiency of main streets and roads, and to establish axes that help facilitate the movement of cars and citizens in cities.

The latter came during his tour this morning to inspect Tanta Corniche and Sekkat El Mahalla Street, in the presence of Brigadier General Wael Hammouda, Director of the Traffic Department, and Dr Mahmoud Issa, Head of the Second District from Tanta.

During the visit, the Governor discussed appropriate traffic directions to help end the traffic congestion crisis at the intersection of Sikkat El-Mahalla Street and Tanta-Mahalla Road with the Corniche, which is characterized by a high population density and traffic due to rail barriers, experimentally direct the application of these directives and study them before beginning their effective implementation.

It should be noted that the governorate has completed the paving of Sikkat El-Mahalla Street and Tanta Corniche in its five stages in the past three years, in addition to increasing the efficiency of beautiful slides, as part of of its road efficiency improvement plan. , pave them and improve the condition of the main and secondary streets in order to provide better service to citizens.

Dr. Tariq Rahmi, Governor of Gharbia, made a point of inviting and honoring the teacher, Nader Aziz Ali Al-Safti, director of the Al-Sherbiny Darwish preparatory school in Mit Assas, affiliated with the educational administration of Samannoud.

This came in recognition of his efforts and dedication to work and the execution of his duties and his concern for the cleanliness of the school and the discipline of teachers, workers and students during the final exams of year. by engineer Nasser Hassan, under-secretary of the Ministry of Education.

Rahmi thanked the principal of the school, who is considered an honorable role model for the teacher who is keen on providing the proper atmosphere for the educational process, especially conducting the exam and realizing the principle of equality chances among the students, asking him to try harder and give and wish him continued success and payment in the work, indicating his constant concern to honor honorable models in all sectors to be a model for everyone.


It should be noted that the Governor of Gharbia, during his visit this morning to a number of schools in Mahalla and Samanoud, to monitor the performance of students in the end-of-year exams, noticed the regularity and discipline of school boards, the provision of a serene atmosphere for students, the regularity and smooth running of the examination process according to the established controls.

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