Egypt national team manager denies Vitoria reached deal with Al-Ahly Jeddah

Egypt national team coach Mohamed Gharaba has denied that national team coach Roy Vittoria has reached an agreement to coach a Saudi team next season.

And the Saudi newspaper Okaz had revealed that Vitoria had agreed to manage Al-Ahly Jeddah, provided that the Saudi club guarantees the liquidation of the financial debts resulting from the cancellation of its contract with the Egyptian national team.

Egypt national team manager Mohamed Gharaba told reporters: “There is absolutely no truth in what is reported that Roy Vitoria has reached an agreement with a Saudi club, and the reports that have come out are completely incorrect.”

He continued: “I spoke with Vittoria, and he denied that there were any negotiations with a Saudi team, and he has not received any contact from any official.”

He added: “Vitoria is spending his holidays with his family and has not communicated with anyone. He is committed to his contract with the Egyptian national team and is preparing for the World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers. He is happy to be in Egypt.”

And as far as he knows That mediators affiliated with Al-Ahly Jeddah Club contacted Roy Vitoria’s agents to manage the Saudi team, and three times his salary was offered with the Egyptian national team.

and taught Vitoria’s contract clause with the Egyptian national team states that there is no penalty clause until after the African nations.

Thus, Vitoria has no right to leave the Egyptian national team without the approval of the Egyptian Football Association.

The Saudi report said Julian Stefan’s name was still being offered to lead the team if negotiations with Vittoria failed.

Vitoria took charge of the Egyptian national team in July 2022, and a year has passed since his management of the Pharaohs.

Vitoria has led the Egyptian national team in seven matches over the past year and won all matches.

The Egyptian national team has decided to qualify for the African Nations in January 2024, which will take place in Ivory Coast.

Vittoria previously led the Saudi victory during the period from January 2019 to December 2020.

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