Eastern Company for Tobacco: We don’t have an answer on why cigarette prices are high (video)

cigarette pricesHani Aman, CEO of Eastern Tobacco Company, commented Cigarette price crisis On the market, he said, “There is no logical explanation for the high prices of cigarettes in the market, because all the company’s products come out at the same old prices, in addition to the fact that production has not decreased, but the company is committed to its production rate.”

“The company distributes about 500,000 packs of cigarettes a year, and the company has no answers on the reasons for the high cigarette prices, especially since the prices of local cigarettes have exceeded the prices of imported cigarettes,” he added, during a phone call to the program “Min Masr”, broadcast on “cbc”.

Increase in cigarette prices

He explained: “The company hasn’t increased the prices of its product at all, and it seems that there is an attempt to thirst the market for an increase. cigarette pricesAnd the company makes a profit of 25 piastres on its production on each pack, but the trader is currently making a profit of 25 pounds per pack, and that is very strange.” He added, “The cost of producing a pack of cigarettes without imposing taxes is no more than 7 pounds, and the company offers its production at 24 pounds.

And about When will the cigarette crisis end? On the market, Aman confirmed that work is underway with a number of state agencies to address the current crisis, and that the crisis is expected to end within two weeks.

cigarette prices

Cigarette prices have seen a remarkable increase in the last period, up to “extreme chance”. The price of a pack of cigarettes is no longer a fixed price, as it once was.

The crisis has been greatly exacerbated in the last period, because each trader sells at a price according to each region which has its own prices, so we find that the difference varies between 8 pounds and sometimes reaches 15 pounds in the price of a box, and all of them are exaggerated prices. This has angered consumers over the unwarranted rise in cigarettes.


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