Civil status numbers to receive requests from citizens

The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the civil status sector, made a point of allocating hotlines to respond to requests from citizens to obtain the services of the sector in their places of residence.

Immediate numbers of civil status services, veto

Immediate numbers of civil status services

Number (15340) for various immediate mass requests at home and in hospital.

And the number (15341) for requests from the elderly, determined people, the sick and families of martyrs.

And the number 16582 to extract documents, and various requests are met and delivered the same day to facilitate citizens, in addition to assigning the number 24000260 to receive requests.

In addition, races (technical – legal) are underway to extract and renew the national identity cards of workers and members who visit certain (governmental bodies – clubs), and the necessary measures have been taken to obtain them and deliver them.

Immediate services of the civil status sector

National identity card – Birth certificate – Death certificate – Marriage certificate – Divorce certificate – Family booklet – Individual file.

Request for immediate services at your home for civil status

A security source said that mobile technology model centers are sent to serve citizens in the most densely populated places that suffer from distances from registration sites by sending numerous convoys technically and logistically equipped with the latest equipment to provide all sector services, including mechanized sources and national number cards, especially in the most needy areas, as part of the (We are all one) initiative to ease the burden on the shoulders of citizens and to avoid the difficulties and costs of going to the civil registry offices, based on the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior aimed at providing aspects of humanitarian and societal care to citizens.

Civil status convoys, veto
Civil status convoys, veto

In a related context Civil status sector Led by Major General Omar Al-Khazindar, Deputy Minister of Interior, dispatching technically and logistically equipped convoys to provide all services provided by the sector to citizens (national card numbers – mechanized issues) within the governorates of (Cairo – Giza – Alexandria – Menoufia – Gharbia – Qalyubia – Qena – Kafr El-Sheikh – Buhaira – Minya – North Sinai).

These convoys resulted in the issuance of 8,316 numbered national cards and 18,687 mechanized sources. Faced with the growing demand from the citizens of these areas, it was decided to continue the work of the convoys in the aforementioned governorates, starting from 7/8/2023.

Respond to requests for humanitarian cases

The sector also continued to respond to the requests of humanitarian cases (sick, elderly and determined people) and dispatched races for 6 humanitarian cases to homes and hospitals to renew their national identity cards, and the necessary measures were taken. been taken to get and hand them over.

In addition to continuing to receive humanitarian cases at the Model Center for the Elderly and Determined People “Capable of Different” to meet their needs from sector resources, the national identity cards of 229 elderly people and people with specials have been extracted and renewed.

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