CCTV market expected to grow from $48.7 billion to $76.4 billion

The video surveillance market is expected to grow from $48.7 billion in 2022 to $76.4 billion by 2027.
New cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions continue to drive the growth of the CCTV video surveillance systems industry
According to a report, market demand clearly shows an increase in the deployment of surveillance cameras across all industry sectors to improve production and working methods. Today, best practices and guidelines are available to help industries such as retail, manufacturing, smart cities, etc. implement CCTV systems to effectively manage and control their operations. CCTV systems record continuous video footage, which can quickly create large amounts of data.

Therefore, it is important to use CCTV systems or smart storage solution instead of 24/7 surveillance hard drives. Specially designed to handle multiple streams and continuous recording demand, the smart CCTV hard drive provides reliable and consistent performance for the demands of modern surveillance hardware.

The most important reasons to use hard drives for smart surveillance are in CCTV systems

1-24/7 Surveillance: Surveillance hard drives are designed for non-stop operation, which helps ensure that video is recorded continuously 24/7. This can help improve operational efficiency by capturing video snapshots around the clock, as these hard drives can detect problems in real time. Any anomalies, malfunctions or deviations from standard operating procedures can be identified immediately, triggering alerts or notifications. Surveillance hard drives such as the WD Purple Pro have a workload of up to 180TB/yr, up to three times that of standard desktop drives, and are specifically designed to work in surveillance systems that require continuous recording and storage of large amounts of video data.

2-High-Quality Video: With fast write speeds, Smart Monitor hard drives enable rapid capture of multiple streams and high-capacity storage of high-quality video. WD Purple hard drives also feature AllFrame technology so CCTV cameras can record video with less dropped frames and produce higher quality video, compared to video stored on computer drives.

3- The ability to handle heavy workloads: Smart Surveillance hard drives are designed to handle 24/7 storage workloads, operating at a rate of (10-90) 90% data storage and 10% data review. CCTV hard drives are optimized for flexibility and scalability, allowing the ability to add cameras to the surveillance system. multiple streams to provide core AI capability.

4- Durable Solution: Smart CCTV hard drives consume less power than traditional hard drives or general purpose computer drives due to their low power consumption. This helps produce less heat, which results in cooler operating temperatures. Even working 24/7/365, your hard drives can run smoothly without crashing.

5-Built-in Snapshots: Smart Surveillance hard drives provide decent storage space, up to 44TB. They can be used to consolidate footage from multiple cameras into a central storage system (server), making data management and analysis easier. s intelligent video, AI-based deep learning and analytics.
In general, smart CCTV hard drives are important for CCTV systems that record continuously and require better reliability, durability and storage capacity for 24/7 broadcasts. Specialized storage solutions can help you handle heavy workloads, retain data for long periods of time, consume less power, and get the most out of your video surveillance system.

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