Cairo for Development and Law files 200 diverse lawsuits in favor of child survivors of gender-based violence | Reports and Events | The brief

The Legal Aid Unit for Women Survivors of Violence of the Cairo Foundation for Development and Law filed 200 various lawsuits in the year 2022-2023.

The lawsuits ranged from rape, alimony, proof of custody and warrant of education. The lawsuits brought by the Foundation are:

1-26 Proof of custody application
2-19 lawsuit for minor alimony
3-10 Housing rent claims
4-6 custodial wage demands
5- 54 Full pedagogical mandate
6-15 Child Support Imprisonment Lawsuit
7-19 A lawsuit instead of mattresses and blankets for children
8-7 Imprisonment lawsuits instead of mattresses and blankets for children
9-4 Alimony claims for relatives
10-4 Tuition fees agree
11-1 Request for reimbursement of children’s medical expenses
12-1 Tuition Fee Appeals

And other lawsuits related to permitting youth housing, building a case, reunification of young children, relinquishing custody, confinement of housing wage, and confinement of nursery wage.

It should be noted that the Cairo Foundation for Development and Law can receive complaints from women related to violence against them of any kind to help them legally through the hotline of the legal aid unit of the Foundation, number 01210009192, or through our official page on the social network platform “Facebook”

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