Amy Talaat Zakaria responds to Mostafa Qamar about the film, Children of a Harem Karim

she answered Amy Talaat Zakaria The daughter of the late artist, Talaat Zakaria, on the statements of the artist, Mostafa Qamar, during which he spoke about the presentation of the second part of the film “Harem Karim”, and the relationship of Amy, the daughter of the late artist, with the work and his industry.

Amy Talaat Zakaria

Amy Talaat Zakaria said in a press release today, Sunday: “Oh Professor Mostafa, the speech went to a second moment, sincerely;

The crisis of Amy Talaat Zakaria and Mustafa Qamar

Amy added, saying: “The word you said is that doesn’t mean I’m the daughter of Talaat Zakaria. I’m (Harkham) a very strange word; It has no alternative; even if there are criticisms from me, I hope you will accept it.

Amy Talaat Zakaria’s criticism of Hareem Karim’s children

Amy Talaat Zakaria, the daughter of the late artist Talaat Zakaria, had previously criticized the makers of the film, Sons of Harem Karim, which is considered the second part of the film, Harem Karim, by artist Mustafa Qamar, pointing out that the idea of the film is not innovative and builds on the success of the first part.

Amy said via her personal Facebook account: “With my respect and report to all work creators, why do we have a successful work determined to eliminate it as part two after many years?”

And she added: “Especially since it will be successful with its main heroes, most of whom are not present in the new part.

Karim’s children’s film

The film is the second part of the film Harem Karim, which was released in 2005, and the events reveal developments in the life of the hero Karim, whose role is played by Mostafa Qamar, after all these years.

And the film “Sons of a Karim Harem” with Mostafa Qamar, Basma, Dalia Al-Buhairi, Ola Ghanem, Khaled Sarhan, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Tiam Mostafa Qamar, Rana Rais, Hana Daoud and a number of new faces, writes by Zainab Aziz and directed by Ali Idris.

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