Among them is Karim Walid. A source from Future for Al-Joul: The end of the Al-Ahly trio’s loan

The journey of the Al-Ahly trio, Saad Samir, Mustafa Al-Badri and Karim Walid, ended with Future.

The trio were on loan from Al-Ahly for two seasons and their contract expired at the end of the current season.

A Future source said “Karim Walid, Saad Samir and Mustafa Al-Badri were present at Maran Future to bid farewell to their colleagues and collect their belongings.”

And he continued: “Karim Walid spoke with Ali Maher and thanked him for his great role during the last period in restoring his level and his appearance in a way that again caught the attention of ‘Al-Ahli.”

The trio joined Future together in the summer of 2021 on a two-season loan.

Al-Ahly had tried to bring Karim Walid back by cutting the loan after the first season, but it was decided to end his career with Future.

The trio, accompanied by Future, won the League Cup title, in addition to qualifying for two consecutive seasons in the Confederation.

Midfielder Karim Walid has featured in 60 games for Future in various competitions and managed to score five goals and score one goal.

While Saad Samir, captain of the team, took part in 44 matches and managed to score two goals.

Finally, Mustafa Al-Badri played 44 games for Future, and managed to score one goal and score two more.

Al-Ahly’s position on the trio was undecided, whether to avail their services or loan them out again.

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