Al-Ahly fined Al-Shahat half a million pounds… and demanded the development of the arbitration system

Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, club president and general football supervisor, held a meeting with the planning committee headed by captain Mohsen Saleh, with the participation of captain Zakaria Nassef, and in the presence of captain Hossam Ghaly, member of the board of directors, and captain Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football. the Pyramids game, although the club achieved what their fans wanted this season in terms of the tournaments they played in, and presented a distinguished season, but that would not justify any of the elements of the system deviating from the established checks. Therefore, it was decided to fine Hussein Al-Shahat, the player of the first team football, half a million pounds after taking into account the player’s admission of error and his apology for what he had done. start of the new football season, and to make the most of modern technology, and video referees which help reduce controversial errors, especially as some referees still fail to deal firmly with players who make errors and trigger tantrums.

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