After leaving the Eid al-Adha competitions.. the date of the screening of the film “A Al Zero” by Mohamed Ramadan and Nelly Karim | Arts Stars | The brief

The production company producing the Al-Zizou film, starring Mohamed Ramadan and Nelly Karim, has set a theatrical release date at the end of July.

And “Al-Adl Group” had issued a statement regarding the screening date of the film “A Al-Zero”, starring Mohamed Ramadan and Nelly Karim.

And the statement came: due to the film’s lack of completion (Al-Zero), then post-film editing, soundtrack and mixing work, and the company’s concern to produce the movie appropriately. out of respect for its story, the stars of the film, and a desire to unify the presentation of the film in each role. Showing both inside and outside Egypt with proper publicity, the company decided to show the film at a later date. time, and it will be announced later, God willing.

The film “A El Zero” featuring a group of theater and film stars, including Nelly Karim, Joumana Murad, Khaled El Sawy and Sherif Desouky. The film was written by Medhat El Adl and directed by Mando El Adl.

Mohamed Ramadan’s last film work was “Harley”, which is currently in theaters.

Mai Omar, Mahmoud Hamida, Mai Kassab, Ahmed Dash, directed by Muhammad Samir, and written by Muhammad Samir Mabrouk, will participate in the action championship.

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