A new feat.. Ziad Al-Sisi wins the bronze of the World Weapons Championship

Ziad El-Sisi won the bronze medal at the World Saber Weapons Championship, which took place in Italy.

Al-Sissi secured a historic medal for Egypt after beating Italian champion Michel Gallo in the quarter-finals with the golden touch and reaching the semi-finals.

Ziad started his career in the Round of 16 beating Iceland’s Andrei Matev 15-7 and then beating Romania’s Mate Shido 15-11.

In the round of 16, he beat Hungary’s Matas Deshi, 15-13.

Ziyad was beaten by Georgian world number one Sandro Bazadi 15-14 in the semi-finals, settling for the medal.

And Ziyad Al-Sissi won the bronze of the World Sword Weapons Championship in Algeria in November 2022, and then wrote on his account: “This is the first medal in the history of the sword weapon”.

Ziada Al-Sisi lost the world championship in Algeria to Georgian Bazadi, and it was also him who said goodbye to him at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the round of 16.


The Egyptian men’s national team roster includes Ziyad Al-Sisi, Mohamed Amer, Adham Moataz and Medhat Moataz.

The French epee team is led by Vincennes and Jamal Abdel Latif.

The Egyptian national team delegation is led by: Tariq Al-Husseini, first vice-president of the Egyptian Arms Federation, and Mervat Hassanein, member of the Federation’s board of directors.

Abdel Moneim Al-Husseini, President of the Egyptian Arms Federation, attends the competition in his capacity as Vice President of the International Federation.

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